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Individual & Team Development

Continuous work with individuals has proven to be crucial for organizational progress. It’s completely normal, even desirable, that over time employees develop new qualities and build on existing skills and knowledge. But, to be directed in the appropriate direction, it’s necessary to recognize what they really need through this journey.

Individual employee growth refers to the creation of a unique development plan defined in a one-year time frame. This program includes setting personal quarterly goals and individual training and education aimed at the skills that need to be improved for those goals. This way, you can create a space for progress both on a personal and organizational level.

Besides individual growth, team development is an important contribution to the company. This approach undoubtedly leads to trust and loyalty strengthening between employees and the organization. Also, it promotes collaboration and creates a stronger team spirit and sense of belonging, which is one of the five basic human needs. Group training is defined for teams to increase the knowledge of procedures and the quality of daily work (tasks), as well as the knowledge and quality of functioning in a team (teamwork), which improve team performance. The techniques we apply encourage cooperation and team engagement, during which employees get to know each other better. We always emphasize interaction as the main factor in learning and acquiring new skills.

Process Improvement
& Re-engineering

Process improvement involves the business practice of identifying, analyzing and improving existing business processes to optimize performance, meet best practice standards or simply improve quality and the user experience for customers and end-users.

Process is defined as a series of actions that you take in order to achieve a result. Your process requires a clear definition. Your process is what you can tweak and enhance. Great thing about this is that every process improvement leads to the agility of your company and higher return on investment.

There are several different methodologies designed to help your organization tackle process improvement like Kaizen, Kanban, TQM, Lean Six-Sigma, PDCA, 5S, VMS, just to name a few. Each aims to help your business identify process issues, fix them and analyze the success or failure of those changes.

Despite that common goal, each methodology suits a different need. Some frameworks focus on LEAN process improvement techniques, while others focus on getting your company culture in the right place for process improvement. Regardless of the technique in question, they all help us to pursue the same goal: to minimize errors, reduce waste, improve productivity and streamline efficiency.

Performance Management

In order to monitor the development of the company, you need a certain measure that shows how effectively the organization strives towards its goals and achieves them. Setting KPIs is a great way to evaluate performance in different fields. To be able to create long-term goals, you need to use a certain measure that will help you in the process of making correct and effective decisions.

The Performance or KPI Dashboard is an irreplaceable tool that, by collecting, grouping, organizing, and visualizing essential company metrics, provides a quick overview of the company’s performance and expected growth. The setting of KPIs enables careful monitoring of employees’ efficiency, where it’s possible to identify the “Talents” and offer them space for their further potential development. Also, by creating measurable goals, employees are intrinsically motivated and encouraged to take purposeful action.

Performance Management can be applied at the individual and group level. Personal KPIs provide relevant data about the individuals, their performance, goals, and success in achieving them. On the other hand, group KPIs are defined for a team/sector within the company, but it’s also possible to set them at the organizational level. In this way, we determine the desired achievements that we strive to achieve in various aspects of the business. The goals must meet certain criteria, so we always use the SMART methodology. Therefore, the goal must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. With this approach, we define clear goals that really contribute to the growth and development of the employee, the team, and the entire company.

Agile Management & Human Resources

HR services are focused on people as the main asset of every company. The implementation of the employees’ development methodologies begins with the detection of their pain points. The first crucial step in this process refers to the psychological profiling of individuals through specialized psychological instruments that provide us with relevant information about their characteristics. Based on the obtained data, it’s possible to predict the behavior of employees in the work context. Such indicators are very important for the establishment of team optimal functioning, but also the creation of a healthy organizational climate.

The entire assessment process consists of psychological tests battery aimed at examining various individual aspects and qualities that are important for the professional environment – personality, ambition, inner potentials, motivation, and general abilities.

The greatest importance in the process of company growth and development is the selection of suitable staff and trustworthy people. By using specific proven, yet modern instruments, you can greatly facilitate and improve selection and recruitment processes. The Organination program for recruiting and training new employees consists of several stages: announcing a competition/headhunting, selecting candidates based on experience and expertise, structured/semi-structured interviews, psychological assessment, and situational/final interview. Also, onboarding new ones is a challenging process, both for them and for the employer, and it’s very important to know the appropriate techniques that will contribute to an easier and “painless” adaptation.