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I’ll start by quoting one of her team members: “If Nina had a project that needed me to join, I’d jump in straight ahead. She’s able to build anything from the ground up. I’d follow her unconditionally.” This is one of the most powerful descriptions of a leader I’ve ever heard, and she is a true born leader, but in addition to that, she has worked hard to perfect all of her skills and to use the talent to its maximum. She’s extremely precise, has a clear view of the larger picture at all times and is able to organize any group of people, train them, and help them develop their personalities, both personal and business wise.


Sales Coordinator, Lead Gen Manager & Sales Consultant @ Uhuru Network
Nina is fantastic to work with! She has exceptional skills in operations management, leadership and organization. She is a forward-thinking, responsible, reliable and motivated individual who’s constantly demonstrating dedication and initiating improvements. She is one of those rare people that are capable of creating a perfect order out of any chaos – which is a great talent you cannot find easily. Her skills, work ethic, dedication make her a great addition to every team, and if you get the opportunity to work with her – I have to warn you – she will inspire you with her powerful personality and motivate you with her attitude towards work on a daily basis!


Founder & Marketing Manager @Destination Marketing & Design
Nina joined our team in hard times when we didn’t have a structure and more operational challenges that we could handle. She learned all processes immediately by jumping into the fire. Responsibility, ownership, and leadership are her strongest skills. I believe that any team Nina will join or manage will succeed.


CTO @ Judolaunch

I have been working with Nina for over two years, she helped us build our project management system and processes from the ground up for multiple companies and projects. A pleasure to work with, engaging, insightful, and always on point. Highly recommended.


Managing Partner @ D2C Solutions Group

Unbelievable organization skills! Nina takes on any role she is presented with, and adds structure in a way that not only drives successful results, but builds a solid high-performing team while doing so. Her background in HR shows through as she constantly tries to develop her team members through positivity, clear expectations, and clear, consistent communication. She is a creative problem solver, often generating solutions that are outside of the normal scope of vision. Her passion for getting things done–correctly–early–and exceeding expectations makes her an amazing asset to any organization. It was my pleasure to be able to work with her and welcome the opportunity to do so again.


VP of Sales @ D2C Solutions Group

Meet the Team


Nina Miljković

Founder & CEO

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Luka Zečev

Sales Coordinator


Bojana Maricki

Sales Associate


Biljana Galić

Sales Associate


Dušan Blagojević

Sales Associate

Milica Ristić

Sales Associate