Nina Miljkovic

Letter from our Founder & CEO

Working in various industries made me realize that my passion is to help startups & small companies become the best versions of themselves. There are two inseparable parts of every system: people and processes.

Great Processes = Happy Team. Happy Team = Happy Clients. End of story.

Organination was started with love and passion for continuous improvement, great leadership and management of the future. The creation of this company was one of the easiest decisions I ever had to make!

Management process has four functions:

(1) planning,
(2) organization,
(3) leading and
(4) control.

Owners and CEOs often know how to plan what needs to be done, how to lead others & execute on those plans and would like to easily control everything that’s going on, every second of every day, every year, for the rest of their lives. Sounds familiar?

One of the main challenges for start-ups and small companies is always the second management function – organization. Do you wonder WHY? That’s because owners and CEOs often don’t have time to organize others, to micromanage (which is awesome!), to write in-depth instructions for everyone, or simply don’t have the knowledge to do such a thing. That’s why many companies fail, not because of poor management in its entirety, but because of poor organization.

When I say organization, it comes in many forms: company’s organizational structure, process and project management, inter-team (mis)communication, lack of performance metrics, no long-term strategy, no short-term goals and so on. Somehow, organization is (un)intentionally left aside, like it’s something that will happen naturally. That is almost never the case. Naturally, organization does exist in some form even if you are an entrepreneur and do everything on your own. Post-It notes count too!

Now, imagine having 50 employees and no structure to support them? Would you be able to control what’s going on? Probably not easily. Let’s assume that you have the desire to grow and have 50, 100 or 5000 employees in the future. As your company grows, the number of employees and revenue will grow, so naturally, you will want to organize and prepare for that growth, right?

That’s where Organination jumps in.

I believe in improving processes one day at a time. My team and I will be happy to help you create a strong foundation for your future growth.

I hope to see Organination becoming your trusted partner to guide you through the Organination process, as well as to sustain the success of the change we will create together.