A good organization improves productivity

You’ve probably heard of the phrase, “Good organization is half the job.” Accordingly, the company Organination is here to help you implement this idea in your own organization.

Created with great love and passion for continuous improvement, Organination is here to guide you through all organizational processes and support your success.

Our goal is to create solutions, and those solutions are designed to suit your needs. Besides, we are guided by the fact that an open approach and a positive attitude build all types of relationships, and everything we do is focused on efficiency.

In addition to consulting and organizational, we also provide education and training services, thanks to our partner Opex University.

Opex University has an online learning platform with courses and training covering topics in modern business categories (Lean, Six Sigma, project management, etc.).

Opex’s goal is to combine traditional training elements, using an adequate trainer who conducts training in combination, with modern IT solutions. The mission is to expand knowledge in business process optimization and transfer it at the highest level to both entrepreneurs and individual clients. We know that most of them find development and improvement as vital as we do.

Specifically, what is training and what is development?

Training is a learning activity aimed to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to successfully perform a specific task or a job, helping employees to do their existing job, only better. Development can be focused on both the individual and the whole team, with a focus on learning, personal development, and preparation for the future.

How can a company motivate employees to learn?

  • By its leaders constantly learning and creating conditions for learning and applying what has been learned;
  • By creating a general climate that supports learning;
  • By supporting and stimulating innovations in work, which give greater effects and better quality;
  • By encouraging each employee to perceive both company and personal benefits from specific learning.

The practice has shown that the training and education of employees is not the privilege of high-ranking staff, but all employees. Organizations that pay attention to the development of their staff, try to offer a variety of training programs, to acquire specific knowledge and skills.

Is your company working to motivate its employees to acquire
new knowledge
and skills, to keep up with the times? 

 Do you gain insight into the importance of employee training?

How much money do you spend on employee training?

We are here to be a part of your growth and development!

If these questions made you think, and the article itself motivated, inspired, and aroused the desire for progress, it is a perfect time to approach us at  info@organination.com so that we can send you a free brochure of our courses.  Topics covered by our courses are Lean Management, Quality, Six Sigma, Procurement, and Logistics, as well as Project Management.

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