Do you need and how can a business consultant help you?

Although it is already known what the Organination is doing, today we will talk a little more about consulting. Companies are increasingly recognizing that they feel the benefits and advantages of hiring consultants in the long run.

According to a survey by the Association of Business Consultants of Serbia, companies that seek help in almost 90% of cases are satisfied with their business’s improvement.

Who is a business consultant?

A consultant is a person who has knowledge and experience in various fields and accordingly deals with management consulting to help a particular organization improve its performance and efficiency in future work. In particular, a consultant’s job is to analyze the company and create specific solutions while meeting the set goals.

The business consultant is involved in marketing, human resources, management, finance, accounting, and similar fields. He is responsible for improving the company’s business by assessing weaknesses and recommending specific business solutions.

A business consultant’s services help to save time and money to overcome particular challenges or to progress.

How does the process work?

The consultation process itself is divided into three phases:

  1. Introduction
  2. Evaluation
  3. Implementation

When defining a project, it is necessary to determine the expected result and then the indicators of the process’s success. Of course, success largely depends on the client making decisions and influencing the implementation of specific steps in implementing potential solutions.

It is not necessary to emphasize compliance with the law on data confidentiality because companies, above all, want to have confidence in the consultant with whom they will cooperate.

According to Natalija Mejlunas, head of the regional program TAM / BAS, which supports the development of consulting in Serbia, very few consultants can offer services tailored to a particular industry sector’s needs. As she says, there are not enough consultants with work experience in strategic management consulting and various human resource management aspects. That is why the Organination is here to be side by side with you and your team, to form a system that will work together!

The business of the Organination is based on understanding the fundamental thing – that each system is individual and unique and that one solution will not suit everyone.

We work a little unusually. Our process consists of eight phases because we believe that analytics and thoroughness in business are crucial. The stages we go through together are:

1. Define
2. Assess & Measure
3. Benchmark
4. Gap Analysis
5. Recommendation & Timing
6. Verification
7. Final Report
8. Implementation

We believe that you do not need another consultant to analyze the system and suggest some improvements without being with you until the end. Our goal is to help you implement these improvements and become part of your growth and development.

We are here to be a part of your growth and development!

Do you want to get more information about all stages of the process we have listed and how we do business? Or if you understand that your answer to the question under the title “Yes, I need a consultant,” feel free to contact us at

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