5S - The most prevalent workplace organization concept in the world!

Concept and significance of 5S:

The term 5S originated as an abbreviation of 5 Japanese words and now represents a method for organizing workspace to eliminate losses resulting from a chaotic work environment.

  • Seiri – Sort
  • Seiton – Set in order
  • Seiso – Shine
  • Seiketsu – Standardize
  • Shitsuke – Sustain

These 5 steps, which periodically occur during work, aim to provide a constant arrangement of the work area in the desired and predefined way to enable a clean, tidy, safe, and productive workplace.

Advantages of the 5S method:

  • Safer working environment
  • Higher quality
  • Better organization
  • Saved time
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater employee satisfaction

Specific research states that Lean consulting is the least responsible for the success of the 5S method. Simultaneously, the most significant credit goes to the person who works in a work environment arranged according to the 5S Lean methodology.

In the following text, read the problems one can face in real work situations and how to solve them using the 5S method.

In everyday work situations, many obstacles result in a lack of efficiency. According to the research, as much as 13% of the total working time we spent looking for things in the office.

It is necessary to reach the appropriate level of awareness among employees to prevent such occurrences. This is possible if we work on motivation, involvement, and bringing the goals closer to employees. Through practice, it has been shown that there are no great difficulties in acquiring new knowledge. Still, they appear when it is necessary to improve efficiency and introduce the 5S method into everyday life.

The decision-making process usually comes from a standardization dialogue, which aims to build understanding among employees about how they should do their job. Properly implemented, 5S creates a visual organization, which creates a work environment that is disciplined, clean, and well-organized.

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