12 Reasons Why Quality Management System Is Needed

If we start from the fact that quality is present in everyday life, there is a need for its comprehensive study. 

What is quality?

There are five approaches to defining quality: 

  • The transcendent approach of philosophy;
  • The product-based approach of economics;
  • The user-based approach of economics, marketing, and operations management;
  • The manufacturing-based approach to operations management; 
  • The value-based approach of operations management.

The philosophy of quality is not always clear, so the basic task is to understand the concept itself, and then to influence the education and application through various programs, to gain a collective awareness of quality. All of this can be achieved by developing an innovative culture in which employees will be participants and main bearers of all changes while applying the acquired knowledge.

So, if there is a need to satisfy the end consumer, it is necessary to implement quality in all phases of business, which would mean from the corporate culture of the company, through the technological quality, personnel, marketing, and management, to the service itself. 

The quality management system introduced in the company leads to:

  1. Increases of productivity
  2. Increases in efficiency and flexibility 
  3. Reductions in production time 
  4. Error reductions 
  5. Increases in motivation and communication 
  6. Better human resource management 
  7. Better use of resources 
  8. More efficient work control 
  9. Increasing of competitiveness 
  10. Introduction of new processes 
  11. Easier achievement of strategic goals 
  12. Better focus on customers


You must have heard people say “It can cost as much as needed if the quality is right.” 

Let’s work together to make your product(or company) described as such among customers. 

We are here to be a part of your growth and development!

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